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I am a recent graduate from the Graphic Design program of the Isaacson School at Colorado Mountain College. I was born and raised in the Roaring Fork Valley, growing up surrounded by the inspiring mountainous landscapes. Since graduating, I've moved to upstate New York to pursue my career in design. When I am not spending my time designing new logos or building new websites, I may be found hiking or snowboarding, but most likely I will have a book in hand.


Ever since I was young I was designing both the practical and the beautiful. I used to organize and create newspapers containing the latest family news, draw and paint illustrations for my research essays, or fiddle with different fonts for hours because I knew that if I could find the right one everything would look just right. It was only until I discovered the graphic design program at the local community college that I knew I had finally unearthed my true passion: one I could enjoy and thrive at but also use to support myself.


I take my design work very seriously. Not only am I able to use my artistic eye, but I am able to use my strong work ethic. I believe that working hard, producing high quality services, and communicating with my clients are the keys to success. I do not see my design work as an artistic outlet; I see it as an opportunity for me to communicate necessary information in the most beautiful way possible.

Why Graphic Design is a Good Fit for Me

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